Matthew McConaughey is in a Pickle.

Rather, Matthew McConaughey is into pickles. And Pickles are into Matthew McConaughey. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that his acting chops are top-notch, or that he’s super great and pretty and all that stuff… We’re into him because he’s into pickles! That’s it.

We’re even in on his most secret of secrets: The closely guarded vice that makes a man that has just turned 50, look a fraction of it. Alright, Alright, we’ll tell you: It’s Pickles! The man has Beauty preserved! and now he’s spreadin’ his vinegar all over Instagram: officiallymcconaughey. We are so there!

Matthew McConaughey is in a pickle.
Pickle Expert

Matthew McConaughey’s favorite pickle: We’re guessing something like this: View it here 

Matthew McConaughey is in a pickles. And Pickles
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